Feb 152023

Below is the constitutional information about Elections and Campaign procedures for candidates running for executive positions.


Section 9.1 – Eligibility

  • An active ETFO-TLOTL member in good standing may stand for elected office.
  • A candidate for President must have served at least one full term on the Executive in the preceding four years.

Section 9.2 – Nominations

  • Members shall be notified in March of the request for candidates no later than sixty (60) calendar days prior to the ETFO-TLOTL Annual Meeting. The request for nominations shall be announced at the direction of the Executive or the Elections Committee.
  • A candidate must identify their name as well as the office to which they are seeking election. The deadline for receipt of nominations shall be no later than 4:30 pm, thirty (30) calendar days prior to the ETFO-TLOTL Annual General Meeting. Candidates’ information shall be submitted to the President. (2023 deadline April 24th 4:30pm)
  • A list of nominated candidates will be published on the Local website no later than 4:30 pm on the first work day after the deadline to receive nominations as per 9.2.2 and to the Membership at the ETFO-TLOTL Annual General Meeting.
  • Candidates may run from the floor for vacant Executive positions for which no one has declared their candidacy as per 9.2.2.

Section 9.3 – Campaign Procedures

  • The following procedures are to ensure the right of all candidates to campaign on a fair and equal basis:
  1. These guidelines shall be posted on the Local’s website when the Local is calling for nominations. Once candidacy has been declared, the Elections Chair shall forward a copy of these guidelines to each candidate.
  2. Each candidate may have information posted on the Local’s website regarding their candidacy.
  3. Campaign materials to be posted must be sent to the Elections Chair within five (5) calendar days of nomination deadline.
  4. Information is to be sent in on one 8 ½ x 11 sheet, single sided, in a PDF format.
  5. Materials will be posted on the website once all candidates’ materials are received, no later than six (6) calendar days after nomination deadline.
  6. The following campaigning is not sanctioned by the Local: campaigning at schools or at any Local sponsored events; posting and/or handing out campaign materials of any sort
  7. Other forms of campaigning are not sanctioned by the Local and may be subject to discipline.
  8. All candidates must be aware and agree to these terms as condition of candidacy.