Safety Plans


There is a legal obligation for the Employer to provide ALL employees with information about a risk of violence in the workplace.

If you are not informed upon arrival at the school, DO NOT hesitate to ask “Are there any safety plans in the classes I may encounter?”

The legal obligation is not just for students in your class, but students you may encounter in the hall, during recess, while on duty.

If you are informed there are safety plans, and are provided with them – take time to review them. You may not get the entire safety plan but a “notification of risk”, which may take the form of a 1 page sheet noting behaviours, triggers and strategies to use.

IF YOU ARE TOLD there are safety plans, BUT ARE NOT Provided with the information, or find out later that there are potentially violent students with safety plans and you were not informed – PLEASE CONTACT THE LOCAL AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, or fill out the Safety Plans Concerns FORM.

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