Smart Find Express


Smart Find Express Phone Number: 1-844-269-3207

Smart Find Express Online:

Dispatch 1-888-526-5552 ext 22167 EMAIL:

Registering with the SFE System for the 1st Time

  1. Call in the System 1-844-269-3207
  2. Enter your Access ID, which is Employee #
  3. Enter your PIN #, which is your Employee #
  4. Record your name
  5. Select a new PIN, enter at least 5 digits

SFE Telephone Access

  1. Call into the system 1-844-269-3207
  2. Enter your Access ID followed by the star (*) key
  3. Enter your PIN # followed by the star (*) key

Job Offers

When the system calls you about an open job, the job information will play, including the absent employee’s name, the location, classification, and dates and times of the job. Also, if special instructions were recorded for the job, they will be played. You can accept or decline the assignment. If you decline the assignment you will be asked to enter a reason for the decline.

Assignment Cancellations

Cancelled assignment notification calls are made once an hour during callout periods. The details of the cancelled job are played. You will automatically be made available for other jobs during the time period that was held by the canceled job.


Substitutes are called and offered jobs. The system may also call to inform a substitute of an assignment cancellation.

A Substitute can:

Press the star (*) key for the system to wait up to 2 minutes

When the system calls, if someone else answers the telephone and has to locate you or you have to locate your login information, the system can be told to wait for approximately two minutes. If, at that time no Access ID is entered, the sys-tem will disconnect and record that the result of the call was a no answer.

Decline/Cancellation Code List

  1. Illness
  2. Appointment
  3. Personal/Compassionate
  4. Out of Profile
  5. Bereavement
  6. Travel time too far
  7. Inclement weather
  8. Other job
  9. Other school board job
  10. Over Max retired OT limit
  11. Shift not long enough
  12. Not this class
  13. LTO assignment accepted/extended

SFE Call-out Times for Supplies

SFE Call out times Today’s Jobs Future Jobs
Weekdays, (except Fri evening) 5:30am 5:45pm to 9:30pm
Saturdays No Call outs No Call outs
Sundays No Call outs 5:45pm to 9:30pm
Holidays No Call outs 5:45pm to 9:30pm

Accepting Jobs over the Telephone Call-in

From the main menu, select one of the following options.

  1. Review or Cancel Assignments

Job information is played. Current and future jobs are played in job number order. After each job is played, you may be allowed to cancel the job. If this option is not played, contact the system operator. To cancel a job, enter a reason from the list of decline/cancellation reasons. Canceling an assignment on the day of the job may result in being disqualified from being offered other jobs for today.

  1. Review or Modify Callback number

The number currently in your profile is played. Enter all digits that will be required to call you from the location of the system. Include the long distance code “1” and your area code.

  1. Review or modify Temporary Do not Call Time

Enter a time that the system can resume calling you.

  1. Review or Modify Unavailability dates

Your current and future unavailability dates are played in start date order. You are not offered jobs that occur during this period.

  1. Review or Modify Daily Availability

* Review or delete time periods you are available to work.

* Enter a new time period you are available to work.

* Review or delete a time period you do not want to receive calls.

* Enter a new time period that you do not want to receive calls. When entering a time period, select the days/times.

  1. Change PIN or Name Recording

Calling Periods

  1. If Smart Find calls a person for three jobs in one calling period and that person declines three times, it will not call that individual again during that calling period. It resets itself for the next calling period, which could be the evening calling period and the person will be re-added to the list at that time.
  1. We are asked not to just hang up if we don’t want to take an assignment. Hanging up actually reduces the efficiency of Smart Find. Declining a position allows it to move onto the next person faster.
  1. People who are working in the morning only, for example, may get calls when they are unable to take them. If there is a need for afternoon OTs, SF does not know that someone is in a classroom for the morning only, if they have been listed as available for the day. Members are advised to call dispatch at the Nutrition Break or during a Planning Time if they want to try and get an afternoon assignment if they think there may be bookings because they have received calls on their cell phones that they have missed.
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