Criteria for PL Reimbursement


Criteria for Professional Learning

1.When Members seek to augment their knowledge and/or skills so that the benefits are shown in the classroom and benefit themselves and their students.

2.Members may receive a professional learning subsidy once every fiscal year beginning July 1 and ending June 30.

i.*Professional Learning must be completed in that same fiscal year. (and have all paperwork submitted by June 30)

ii.*Must be a member of TLOTL at the time of completion.

3.The course must be paid for and completed and receipts and documents must be provided to substantiate this information.

4.Funding will be provided for as long as the funds remain available.

5.Funds will be provided on the basis of up to $100 per Member per fiscal year.

Please download, print, complete and return the PL Reimbursement form to apply for your Professional Learning Subsidy.