Member Development Funds – Criteria for Reimbursement


Criteria for Reimbursements

  1. When Members seek to augment their knowledge and/or skills so that the benefits are shown in the classroom and benefit themselves and their students.
  2. Members may apply for reimbursement funds during the fiscal year (July 1 to June 30) in which the learning was completed, or the resource purchased.  Must be an active member of TLOTL at the time of completion or purchase.
  3. The course, workshop, or resource must be paid for and completed prior to application. Receipts and documents must be provided to substantiate this information.
  4. Funding will be provided for as long as the funds remain available and on a first come basis and for each MDF category.
  5. Funds will be provided as established in the budget for the upcoming fiscal year.
  6. Applications must be received by the June deadline listed on the applications form, of the fiscal year in which the application is being made.

Please use this  online PL Reimbursement form for 2020-2021  .


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