2019-2021 Executive



Address: P.O. Box 104, Cameron, K0M 1G0
Phone: 705–934–3836

Email: etfo.tlotl@gmail.com

YOUR LOCAL TEAM for 2019-2021

PresidentLara Waterhouse – Lara has been a daily Occasional Teacher in the City of Kawartha Lakes since 2006. She is a lifelong resident of the area, having attended Local elementary and secondary schools during her childhood. Lara joined the Executive in the spring of 2011 and became the Secretary in 2013. She also took on the job of Professional Learning Chair and was responsible for planning and hosting workshops for occasional teachers throughout the board until taking over as President in January of 2017. Lara looks forward to many years of working with TLOTL members in her new role as President.

Vice-President: Krystalyn Jones – Krystalyn has worked as an Occasional Teacher for the Board since January of 2014. She is passionate about incorporating Indigenous Grandfather teachings into the classroom and within education to foster mutual trust and respect. She was also an Educational Assistant with TLDSB before becoming an OT, so has a special interest in meeting the needs of all students. Krystalyn is excited to be a member of the Executive, as well as being the Political Action Chair. She welcomes any comments or suggestions members may have to give them their own voice in the local.

Secretary: Amanda Austin – Amanda is a daily Occasional Teacher in the Haliburton area, where she has lived with her family for over a decade. Amanda has been teaching with the TLDSB since October 2005. She joined the Executive in 2010. For the 2017-2019 term Amanda will fulfill secretarial duties for the Local.

Executive Members:

Patricia Buxton-Tosswill – Pat has worked as an Occasional Teacher for the Board since 2003. Pat joined the Executive of the Trillium Lakelands Occasional Teachers’ Local in September 2007 and remained on the Executive until June of 2009. In September 2009 she became the Human Rights Officer, as well as Vice President, then transitioned back to Executive Member in 2015. She has attended numerous ETFO Annual meetings in Toronto, and almost all of the TLOTL Executive Meetings and Annual Meetings since Sept of 2007. As well, Pat has participated in both Leadership Training and Collective Bargaining Workshops put on by ETFO.

Miranda Marles – Miranda has worked as an Occasional Teacher for the Board since 2014. She is passionate about anti-bullying education and inclusion in the classroom. She prides herself as being a lifelong learner, having taken numerous AQ courses and attending as many workshops as she can to further her professional growth. She has participated in the Leaders for Tomorrow Program offered by ETFO and since completion of the program became involved with the Executive in 2016. Miranda is excited to be a member of the Executive as well as the Professional Learning Chair.


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